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C006      1992 3D Magic Plus Stereo Camera

 Manufacturer  3D Image Technology Inc., Norcross, GA, U.S.A.
 Camera Type  35 mm viewfinder stereo camera
 Year Introduced   1992
 Size (W X H X D)  132 x 61 x 38 mm (L x H x D)
 Weight  156 grams (with film and battery)
 Film  135 cartridge
 Film Advance  Fixed 12 perforation steps by turning film thumb wheel
 Image Format (H x W)  24 x 18 mm
 Frame Counter  Substractive, from 16 to 1
 Shuttle Type  Guillotine type, behind the lens, cocked by film advance wheel
 Shuttle Speeds  Only one
 Lenses  Three aspherical lenses, F = 27 mm
 Diaphragms  Pinhole type, behind the lens
 Only one
 Lens Separation  18.5 mm - 37 mm
 Focud Mode  Fixed focus
 Viewfinder  Galilean type
 Rangefinder  N/A
 Double Exposure  Provided
 Selftimer  N/A
 Flash  Built-in flash, activated by a lever, controlled by a flash ready light
 Tripod Socket  N/A
 Special Features  Single use camera with a 400 ASA color negative film, to be sent unopened to Image  Tech  for the processing of lenticular 3D Magic.
 Accessories  N/A


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